Max Value: Episode 46 ITC Recap

June 17, 2018

Travis and Jake Dibattista recap the International Team Championship.


Max Value: Episode 45 Friendship Time

June 2, 2018

Travis and Alex Schmid discuss a variety of topics including familiarity vs. optimization and dealing with commonly seen models.


Max Value: Episode 44 CCM Post Mortem

May 17, 2018

Travis and Grrn take a step back and discuss the good/bad parts of CCM and how it relates to the overall Malifaux tournament scene.


Max Value: Episode 43 The Iron Scorpius

May 9, 2018

Travis and Keith Bonneau discuss his victory at Capital City Meltdown 2018.


Check out Ultimate Team Showdown:


Max Value: Episode 42 Let There Be Hype

May 1, 2018

Travis rambles alone about how awesome Capital City Meltdown will be.


Max Value: Episode 41 Hot or Not

April 15, 2018

Travis, Grrn, and Larro discuss ideas presented by listeners.


Commonwealth Carnage GT:


Max Value: Episode 40 Listener Topics

March 11, 2018

Travis and Alex Schmid discuss a variety of topics suggested by listeners including: pace of play, what's hot/what's not, how to play late game, and synergy vs. raw power.


Max Value: Episode 39 United States Faux Tour

February 25, 2018

Travis talks with Craig Shipman about the upcoming United States Faux Tour that he is organizing.  For more information check out:


Max Value: Episode 38 Ultimate Team Showdown Auction

February 22, 2018

Travis, Alex, and Larry complete their auction to decide who their teammates will be for the Ultimate Team Showdown in July.  For more info about the event look here:



Max Value: Episode 37 Ultimate Team Showdown Hype

February 14, 2018

Travis and Josh Hankin discuss the Ultimate Team Showdown Tournament.  For more information about the event check out the Facebook group and Twitter account.