Max Value: Episode 21 Neverborn Wave Five Review

August 19, 2017

Travis and Ross Mcgonagall discuss the changes to the Neverborn faction from Wave Five.


Max Value: Episode 20 Ten Thunders Wave Five Review

August 18, 2017

Travis and Keith Bonneau discuss the new Ten Thunders models and upgrades as part of wave five.


Max Value: Episode 19 Can of Worms

August 6, 2017

Travis, Grrn, Larry, Alex, and Hengl open the can of worms that is the "comp" debate for Malifaux.


Max Value: Episode 18 Knee Jerk Reactions

August 1, 2017

Travis and Larry discuss their initial reactions to the brand new errata that dropped today.


"One Shot at Glory" Triathlon event.

The Dragon's Hoard in Hackettstown, NJ.
August 12, 2017


Max Value: Episode 17 Ultimate Team Showdown

July 20, 2017

Travis and Jacob discuss their experiences at the Ultimate Team Showdown.

Check out Las Vegas Open 2018
January 26-28


Max Value: Episode 16 IPAs are the best and I was right about wind gamin (Capital City Meltdown Recap)

July 3, 2017

On this episode Travis is joined by Grrn and Larry Mottola, first and second place finishers at Capital City Meltdown 2017 to discuss their games.


Max Value: Episode 15 Bitchfest 2017

June 16, 2017

Travis and Keith Bonneau discuss the changes they would like to see if/when Wyrd does their next errata.


Max Value: Episode 14 This Is A Thumbs Up Situation

May 27, 2017

Travis, Larry Mottola, and Tristan Stadler discuss their experiences at the ITC Team Tournament.


Max Value: Episode 13 GG17 Mid Year Review

April 29, 2017

On this episode Travis discusses his thoughts on the GG17 scheme pool, the issues it has and suggestions on how it can be improved upon.


Max Value: Episode 12 Trump Card

April 21, 2017

Travis, Jacob, Alex Schmid, Larry Mottola, and Michael Hengl discuss what they expect in their upcoming trip to the ITC Team Tournament in Manchester, England.


Note: Originally there was an issue with sound cutting out from about 42mins - 47mins.  This has been fixed.


Note 2:  Fixed an issue with sound being split into a single side when listening on headphones.


Info for Capital City Meltdown can be found here:


Check out the Ultimate Team Showdown as well: