Max Value: Episode 38 Ultimate Team Showdown Auction

February 22, 2018

Travis, Alex, and Larry complete their auction to decide who their teammates will be for the Ultimate Team Showdown in July.  For more info about the event look here:



Max Value: Episode 37 Ultimate Team Showdown Hype

February 14, 2018

Travis and Josh Hankin discuss the Ultimate Team Showdown Tournament.  For more information about the event check out the Facebook group and Twitter account.



Max Value: Episode 36 CaptainCon 2018

February 11, 2018

Travis and Alex Schmid discuss their games at CaptainCon.

Check out two upcoming events in Washington as well as Alex's YouTube channel below:


Max Value: Episode 35 January 2018 Errata

January 7, 2018

Travis is joined by Larry Mottola to discuss the January 2018 Malifaux errata.


Max Value: Episode 34 CaptainCon Hype

December 29, 2017

Travis and Adam Helbling discuss the upcoming CaptainCon event.  More info about CaptainCon can be found here:


Also check out Capital City Winter Murderland and Capital City Meltdown:




Max Value: Episode 33 Dark Horses

December 5, 2017

Travis and Alex Schmid discuss what they think are the next broken models waiting to be discovered.


Max Value: Episode 32 Woe is Me

December 4, 2017

Travis and Roger Yohn go through games at a recent one day tournament.  


Check out Capital City Winter Murderland here:


Max Value: Episode 31 Hot Takes

November 2, 2017

Travis, Roger Yohn, and Keith Bonneau discuss hot takes from listeners and their own minds.

Check out Capital City Winter Murderland!


Max Value: Episode 30 GG18 Playtesting

October 4, 2017

Travis and Grrn discuss the GG18 playtest.  The document, as well as feedback on the process, can be found here:


Max Value: Episode 29 Nova Round 2

September 14, 2017

Travis and Jacob go over their games at this year's Nova Open.